воскресенье, 18 июня 2017 г.

Having watched those three videos, which are mainly concentrated on alternative energy sources, solar heating, hybrid cars, I can say for sure that there were two crucial points that forced me to change my attitude toward environmental issues.
                The first point is about a long-term solution, which will not only improve a current state of the environment, but also benefit future generations, is hybrid car technology. Being made to run on natural gas, those models of cars will issue less toxic waste (or not at all), what literally means preventing environmental catastrophe.
                The next daunting task is an involvement of solar energy systems and wind power stations into our daily routine. Highly mentioned systems are fully renewable, so the growth of their popularity is (what is logically) quite sustainable.

                To end up, all ways of helping the environment are useful. It can be that not all of them are perfect, but even a small grain contributes to the general aim – to make our nature flourishing.

My project is law-oriented, since the majority of ponds and rivers are being used for recreational purposes, instead of being used as sources of fresh water. Recreational facilities are sensible, but what are we going to do in 20 years, when there is no fresh water to drink?

             We have all heard about travelling as of a thing that is a good deal helpful in unwinding and relaxing. The experience, which was considered as a stunning one some years ago, unexpectedly turned out to be a disaster. Cobbled streets of ancient towns, remarkably diverse architectural objects, unexplored isolated areas – what can be bad about all of it? Well, the reason isn’t laying in places, but in people’s attitude. Here’re some examples that will definitely make a change to your vision of travelling.
                Aimless Strollers. These people can easily ruin your holiday by just spending their time beside you. By the way, they also harm unspoiled nature by throwing rubbish, while lazing around. You won’t be able to soak up the atmosphere with such “neighbors”. So, make sure not to book your holiday in remote areas.
                Guests from other countries. Although, not all of them are bad, a considerable part of immigrants can’t leave at peace with local citizens (or just has no desire to do that). Some sources even claim about some immigrants, who were keen on making grill parties in the open air. It would be absolutely ok, if they didn’t arrange them right in the center of a vibrant city.
                So, now tourism doesn’t seem to be so harmless, right? Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind that all the marvelous places on the Earth won’t be able to retain their charm if we eliminate everything.

суббота, 17 июня 2017 г.

Dear readers,

Being an editor of “Rolling Ball” newspaper, I also lead an editorial, in which a great deal of breaking news can attract your attention. Today, a marvelous event has hit the headlines: an ordinary football match turned out to be a huge success for RGL department! You must have been flicking through a newspaper, but now you can not help but greedily absorb each word of this column, right? Nobody could expect it, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, various rumors move back and forth behind the scenes. To tell you more, it emerged that some people sincerely believe that RGL team players have been using dope  throughout the football match. Some journalists have already conducted an opinion poll that confirmed this “theory”. What a disastrous nonsense! Our correspondents can assure you that nothing except a good team play, a great sense of aim and highly-professional skills was in the field. But to investigate this “mystery” I’m gonna be an interviewer today, and my interviewee is Dmytro Holovatyy
  • ·         It’s nice to shake hands with you, Mr Holovatyy. Let me  let you in on a little secret : public can’t stop talking about your fascinating performance
  • ·         Hello, Mr. Serediuk…..Oh, I didn’t even know about it. To tell the truth, this is the first time I suffer from press intrusion (laughter)
  • ·         (Loud laughter) I’m not going to pry into your professional secrets, but will you please tell our readers how did you achieve such an impressive result?
  • ·         Let me reveal you the truth, I just did my best at training sessions…. I wouldn’t like to seem economical with the truth, but that’s how it really is.
  • ·         I fully accept the fact that it could happen to you, but what about other team players? It is needless to say that it’s not enough for a team just to visit a football field and kick a ball, am I right?
  • ·         Absolutely…. I think motivation matters the most. That’s why we’re all here, in the public eye (laughter).
  • ·         (Laughter in response) Right. Thank you for your time. Don’t you mind if this lead story appears in sports reports?
  • ·         Not at all.

воскресенье, 4 июня 2017 г.

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left" 
                           Bertrand Russel

                    As you might have understood, this blog will be about Vietnam war.  The conflict appears to be a special one, since it embodies not just military actions, but also social movements.
                    The conflict itself was a real all-out war, with artillery, military operations and even guerrila warfare. Nobody could expect it to be a lasting conflict, since it was intended to be a short-time combat. Vietnamese troops were determined to protect their interests, what meant forcing South Vietnam's allies (United States) out of Vietnam.The war was severe not just because of spontaneous attacks and retreats, but also because of chemical weapons, which had caused thousands of residents to suffer the consequences of Vietnam war.
                    What is more, there were just a few signs of the peace compaign, held in United States at that period of time. The compaign only  comprised various demonstrations and peace talks. Nobody knows when and by whom the campaign was set on, but numerous photos of civil unrests can be found in local archives. The US government and protesters fought a running battle for many years, until US troops were brought back home.
                    To conclude, the Vietnam war had a great influence on the world's history as well as on United States. Terrors of war can still be visible in the eyes of old people, who have suffered the consequences of the terrible military compaign.

пятница, 26 мая 2017 г.

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

 Andy Warhol

Today I've got the chance to play the game "SPENT". It's a good flash-game with a general aim - to teach how to economize. Have you ever imagined yourself as a broke? With no possessions at all and no cash to withdraw? You have 30 days to make ends meet. You will get obstructed by unpredictable life cases, which will involve money expenditures. Are you ready to tighten your belt and start keeping track of your outgoings?

Here's my profile on Fakebook

I'm going to left a link, just in case.


суббота, 20 мая 2017 г.

May 20, 2017                                             Boden S

“5 tips how to eat properly without spending a fortune on it”

Eating properly…. This phrase appears in a great variety of magazines, TV programs, newspaper  articles. Why is it so?  Is it true that people finally decided to refuse from sedentary lifestyle and set on a balanced nutrition?
Well, in some ways it’s true. But you didn’t expect healthy lifestyle to be that easy, right? In many cases, people go for different “balanced diets”, without even having basic knowledge about nutrients, minerals and stuff. Is it worth saying that regular physical exercises and healthy eating should go hand-in-hand? Having this bond broken, a person increases risks of obesity, heart stroke and different types of cancers.
            But my question is : Do you want to get a hearty meal with a minimum expenditure of money? If “yes” – here’s the list of pieces of advice for you. You are welcome to opt for one of them (or all of them).

1.      Do not forget about vegetables and fruits. Those tiny vitamin storages will provide you with strength and energy. Moreover, they won’t cost you a fortune.
2.      Try to cut on greasy products such as chips and nachos. In the majority of cases, highly mentioned snacks appear to be the main source of saturated fat.
3.      Keep in mind that fibre is the basis for healthy eating. Including cereals in your ration will definitely benefit your digestive system.
4.      Fish, especially cod and sardine, contain a considerable amount of unsaturated fat. They aren’t so expensive, right?
5.      If you want to decrease the amount of calories, you’ll have to forget about fizzy drinks. Your wallet will be happy to know that.

Try to stick to this list and you’ll never be hungry (or on a tight budget)!

воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Boden International   “Constant progress in every-day things”

Searching for ways to apply for a well paid, fulfilling job? Interested in intercultural communication and social experiments? We’ve got such a job to offer!
            “Boden International” it is a well-known company that has already obtained recognition on international market. We offer a wide range of services: client support in organizing legal procedures, juridical consulting and professional translating\interpreting. Our major rules are:
-         coordination with collective;
-         high-level of self-organization;
-         Outstanding quality of services;

If you want to work as a client support manager or HR manager in a splendid and friendly collective – do not hesitate to fill in an application form!

Our company offers mainly full-time positions. Each worker is provided with a separate workplace, a laptop and a printer. If you have an experience in IT, you may get a promotion. In this case, you will be transferred to IT branch, which offers the possibility to work part-time. You’d probably be interested in perks. So, here we’re
-         Salary bonuses for “the most painstaking”;
-         Full benefits package;
-         Free food in staff rooms;

There’re only two vacancies available at the moment. Nevertheless, they’re definitely worth your attention!
-         Client support manager ( consulting clients, responding to E-mails, answering phone calls);
-         HR manager ( organizing meetings with staff, interviewing new-comers)

To be a part of our company you don’t need to be good with figures or have a gigantic experience in the sphere. Our major requirements for a new-comer are:
-         To have an eye for detail;
-         To be a good team player;
-         To be a people person.

If you do have all the highly-mentioned qualities – there is a chance for you to get the job and start earning a good living!

Here we attached some feedbacks, given by our employees.


“Boden International” has provided me with brilliant career and has given me the chance to master my skills in the sphere of intercultural relationship!


You can ask me what was the best company for me to work for?  I can surely respond – “Boden International”. A magnificent place to embark on a career and become good at using your own initiative! I’m happy to be the part of the company!

We also give our hard-working collective the possibility to unwind and have fun, organizing theme parties! Do you want to have fun and work efficiently?

Mail us!