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May 20, 2017                                             Boden S

“5 tips how to eat properly without spending a fortune on it”

Eating properly…. This phrase appears in a great variety of magazines, TV programs, newspaper  articles. Why is it so?  Is it true that people finally decided to refuse from sedentary lifestyle and set on a balanced nutrition?
Well, in some ways it’s true. But you didn’t expect healthy lifestyle to be that easy, right? In many cases, people go for different “balanced diets”, without even having basic knowledge about nutrients, minerals and stuff. Is it worth saying that regular physical exercises and healthy eating should go hand-in-hand? Having this bond broken, a person increases risks of obesity, heart stroke and different types of cancers.
            But my question is : Do you want to get a hearty meal with a minimum expenditure of money? If “yes” – here’s the list of pieces of advice for you. You are welcome to opt for one of them (or all of them).

1.      Do not forget about vegetables and fruits. Those tiny vitamin storages will provide you with strength and energy. Moreover, they won’t cost you a fortune.
2.      Try to cut on greasy products such as chips and nachos. In the majority of cases, highly mentioned snacks appear to be the main source of saturated fat.
3.      Keep in mind that fibre is the basis for healthy eating. Including cereals in your ration will definitely benefit your digestive system.
4.      Fish, especially cod and sardine, contain a considerable amount of unsaturated fat. They aren’t so expensive, right?
5.      If you want to decrease the amount of calories, you’ll have to forget about fizzy drinks. Your wallet will be happy to know that.

Try to stick to this list and you’ll never be hungry (or on a tight budget)!

воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Boden International   “Constant progress in every-day things”

Searching for ways to apply for a well paid, fulfilling job? Interested in intercultural communication and social experiments? We’ve got such a job to offer!
            “Boden International” it is a well-known company that has already obtained recognition on international market. We offer a wide range of services: client support in organizing legal procedures, juridical consulting and professional translating\interpreting. Our major rules are:
-         coordination with collective;
-         high-level of self-organization;
-         Outstanding quality of services;

If you want to work as a client support manager or HR manager in a splendid and friendly collective – do not hesitate to fill in an application form!

Our company offers mainly full-time positions. Each worker is provided with a separate workplace, a laptop and a printer. If you have an experience in IT, you may get a promotion. In this case, you will be transferred to IT branch, which offers the possibility to work part-time. You’d probably be interested in perks. So, here we’re
-         Salary bonuses for “the most painstaking”;
-         Full benefits package;
-         Free food in staff rooms;

There’re only two vacancies available at the moment. Nevertheless, they’re definitely worth your attention!
-         Client support manager ( consulting clients, responding to E-mails, answering phone calls);
-         HR manager ( organizing meetings with staff, interviewing new-comers)

To be a part of our company you don’t need to be good with figures or have a gigantic experience in the sphere. Our major requirements for a new-comer are:
-         To have an eye for detail;
-         To be a good team player;
-         To be a people person.

If you do have all the highly-mentioned qualities – there is a chance for you to get the job and start earning a good living!

Here we attached some feedbacks, given by our employees.


“Boden International” has provided me with brilliant career and has given me the chance to master my skills in the sphere of intercultural relationship!


You can ask me what was the best company for me to work for?  I can surely respond – “Boden International”. A magnificent place to embark on a career and become good at using your own initiative! I’m happy to be the part of the company!

We also give our hard-working collective the possibility to unwind and have fun, organizing theme parties! Do you want to have fun and work efficiently?

Mail us!

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To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks. 
~A.A. Milne


            The main idea of the first video appears to be – no need in school system, as it is now.    Compulsory tests, detentions and seminars – are outdated. According to speaker’s words, all those common terms come from the old school - the British Empire. An outstanding concept of the video – one doesn’t need to hit the books or cover a lot of ground being obliged to do it, at present it should be totally stimulated by desire. As it is said in the video, children do have the power to pick up any material, if they’re willing to do it. Sounds like a proven ability, doesn’t it? A great number of commissions have conducted dozens of researches on “free-style education”, is there a need to say that all of them were quite positive about it?


            Sir Ken Robinson offers quite a peculiar idea that sounds like: all children have natural talents. Moreover, these talents are diverse, so there are no similar kids. Formal education is focused on certain disciplines, but their range is too limited. Each child, who doesn’t seem to be good at math (for example), can have a considerable room for improvement in other spheres. This is one of those factors that cause students drop out their schools or play truant.

My opinion

My vision of an absolutely new education system can be characterized by three main points

  • Individual approach (thus, each eager beaver could proceed in this or that discipline)
  • More practice involved (In my opinion, a need to have one’s nose in a book can not be applied to all the disciplines, since in the majority of spheres a student can only make the grade devoting more time to practice).
  • Provision of various class specializations to choose from ( I understand that there’s a number of compulsory subjects, but it is absolutely impossible to be a know-all. Students are trying to learn all the subjects in order not to be expelled, but they give up their natural talents. So, it is necessary to provide them with as many class specializations as they need to reveal natural skills, especially in the sphere of higher education).

воскресенье, 9 апреля 2017 г.

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy. 
~Jim Rohn

    What do you know about tense situations? I’m more than sure that everybody, clever or dumb, has experienced them at least once in a lifetime. The same happened to me two years ago.
            That was a marvelous spring day, but I behaved like a real lazy-bone: I had been staying in my room for days, doing nothing. When I was about to get up from bed, I heard knocking.

“Are you still there, pal? You won’t resist a good company, will you?  -It was Alex, my quick-witted and brainy friend, who had always been a great supporter of my weird ideas. He has got an appearance, you could recognize easily: a slim figure, chubby chicks, a crew cut and always well-dressed. Is there a need to say that every girl of our district was desperately in love with him?
“Did you ever need the permission? Get in” – I felt relaxed. Everybody needs a chatterbox-friend to blow about a boring atmosphere. “What’s the matter?”
“Guess what I’ve just got to know? You’ll go grey”- he was definitely passionate about that;
“Don’t you mind saying that? Or you will continue playing jokes?” – I was about to loose my temper;
“We’re going to have a party this evening, Andrew organizes” – he said with that cunning look;
“But…. I talked to him yesterday, and he didn’t say a word about it!”  - such a spontaneous thing drove me crazy;
“How foolish of him was to conceal it….. Did he think you wouldn’t get to know?” – Alex was too sensitive for such things;
“Doesn’t matter now. We’ve got to come over anyway. I want to have a look at his face expression after it”;

Here's a comic strip for my story. Enjoy it!

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“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...” 

Everyone should agree that it is crucially nowadays to keep a cool head, but what about expressing emotions? Yes, I mean shouting, screaming and chuckling. Well, somebody tends to consider it bad or excessively colloquial, unceremonious. But don’t you jump to conclusions right away, there’s another side. The majority of psychologists think that emotional expressions are of a great importance to our health, since they prevent heart and mental diseases. So, why don’t you derive pleasure from giggling or just grinning each time you feel like? It is a sheer bliss that we have the possibility to do it, so don’t be afraid to jump for joy if there’s a case.
For this blogpost, I’ve choosen some photos of me and my friend. I’m sure, for some of you they may cause a burst of laughter, as they’re aimed to. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the pictures, but be extremely careful, since these ones have the power to make your day.

Don't you let anybody shatter your confidence

Such occassions make me feel on top of the world

That's what I call "Summertime sadness".


Here's a link for the video that always makes my day, whenever I watch it. Have you ever experienced such a case when you can't resist staring at something? And not just staring, but listening to it as carefully as you listen to your mom?Let me asure you - it is the same one. BB King at his best.


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Not the place to talk rubbish

Wanna hear about business matters? Here you are! 

Here's a completely different case: two soldiers are having a small talk about their service.

Here we can clearly see a young HR manager inquiring his colleague about the new co-worker.

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Omnia mea mecum porto

What's that? It is, first and foremost, a crucial proverb for philologists. And my favorite one, by the way. Not everyone can manage to remember and successfully use beneficial knowledge of  Latin or Greek in studying languages But we all should agree that underestimation of Latin or Greek prefixes may lead to involuntary disorientation in language system. It is a well known fact that lion's share of all languages consists of Greek and Latin roots that generate words and word combinations. In order not to misuse, we all have to conduct regular investigations on highly mentioned prefixes and repeated sets of exercises for better understanding the language, we are studying. Other extremely important skills, which are connected with studying Greek and Latin roots are multilinqual ones. Have you ever noticed  some words of your native language and the language, you are studying get messed up while talking at the front of an audience? It is a sheer sign of bilingualism. You may conclude that it is a nasty habit, but let me assure you - it is not. Being involved in studying a language one can not avoid unintentional rememberance of certain words in a particular context, it just happens  automatically. So, try to proceed in learning Greek and Latin roots, because they are often connected with your professional prospects.

The Moon and Sixpence (ex 1 p106 Unit 6)